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Welcome, we are "The Opportunity".

We are the innovative and completely free service of the TDHI HUB Division of TDHI INTERNATIONAL.

Do you have a consulting company in any country in the world that has not worked for over 1 year? "The opportunity" is born for you.


We evaluate your company

You introduce us to your company, with much information as possible. We analyze and evaluate it for free. You will receive a confidential and free report to tell you if you can work with us or what we can do for you. The goal of "The Opportunity" is to help entrepreneurs reactivate their inactive consulting firms due to the pandemic or lack of clients.

We devise and organize a development plan

If our due diligence is positive and we have agreed on a strategic agreement, we will produce a development plan free of charge to relaunch your company, accrediting you as a partner or inserting you in some of our projects or our customers' projects.

Marketing Planning & Strategy and new grow up

We help companies increase sales, increase their profits and build a winning marketing strategy. By collaborating with us, you will have the possibility to propose hundreds of solutions to your old and new customers that we will help you to win back or find.

Write to us; it could be your chance.
Here's how you can reach us.

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